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The Environmental TASC Force Program

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The Environmental TASC Force (ETF) was developed to help you, as a homeowner, assess your environment in a very affordable way. This program is supported by solution-based trainings to environmental professionals in the areas of indoor air quality, power usage, and drinking water anticipating that clients are interested in doing some of the work necessary to provide enough information for the environmental professional to develop specific solutions.

The concept of the Environmental TASC Force is built upon the foundation of assessment BEFORE solutions are offered. TASC stands for Trained Assessment and Screening Certification and the ETF Partner has been trained to assist you in the assessment process and certified to provide solutions using a team approach. We want to successfully improve the health of millions of families across America and we know that there are many solutions offered that simply need to be matched to specific problems.

Indoor Air Quality Survey

When you complete the CDW Survey, you will then sample your home for indoor air contaminants. In our experience everyone who has filled out the CDW survey rated the air quality within their homes at less than 10. Many people believe the air in their home is making them, or members of their family, sick. We wish we could tell you that there is a magic wand out there that would make the air in your home perfect. There sure have been a lot of advertising dollars spent on trying to make people believe in magic CDW wands, but it's just not true. The fact is homes are very complicated environments with many factors contributing to poor indoor air. If you really want to improve your indoor air you have to address all of the contributing factors, not just one. Developing a total solution to your indoor air quality problems is called a wholistic approach and that is what we are prepared to do for you.

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  1. In which year did work begin to remodel, renovate, or reconstruct your home?

  2. The work done was as a result of,

  3. After being away for a period of time, does the home have a funny odor?
    Yes No

  4. How would you describe the odor?
    Rotten eggs (associated with sulfur)
    Mustiness (more associated with mold)
    Difficult to Identify (possibly bacteriological)
    New Paint (associated with VOCs)

  5. Are the odors worse in the summer months when the humidity is higher?
    Yes No

  6. If there is exposed copper tubing (around the water heater, under a sink), does it appear to be "blackened" and, if so, can you wipe it off with a white cloth?
    Yes No

  7. Have you noticed any unusual corrosion on kitchen or bathroom sink fixtures, the tub faucet or toilet trip lever?
    Yes No

  8. Do you or any of your family members seem to experience itchy skin, watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing, coughing, allergies, asthma, or lung problems and do the symptoms get worse when you are in the house for a couple of hours?
    Yes No

  9. Overall, how would you rate the indoor Air Quality in your home?
    Poor  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Excellent

  10. If you rated your home between a one to seven, or are experiencing health problems you probably want to continue gathering data. We can assist you in assessing your home by providing you with an assessment program that may include some type of onsite or Do-it-Yourself testing kit. Areas assessed should include heating/cooling systems, general living areas and moisture prone areas. We can also make available some great resources that will help you better understand the potential risks associated with contaminated sheetrock (also known as "Chinese Drywall").
  11. 10) Would you like to have your home assessed with samples take for laboratory analysis? The total cost of the initial onsite screening is $400 USD but an optional and less expensive CDW Do-it-Yourself kit is available.
    Yes No

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Thank you for participating in the NORMI National CDW Screening Project. Remember, magic wands are great in fairy tales, but CDW management systems, time tables and budgets work much better in real life. You have taken a great first step in having your environment assessed. As soon as we receive your survey, assessment and the laboratory report, we will call you to set up a meeting. If you have any questions between now and then please do not hesitate to contact me.



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